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Friday, August 17

New Partner, New Learning, New South Wales, State VET Plan 2001-2005

2001- 2005

Strategies of the State VET Plan a heightened focus on VET learning programs in TAFE NSW for Aboriginal students.

Aboriginal Education and Training Strategy 2006-2008

The Aboriginal Education and Training Strategy (AETS) was developed as a direct response to recommendations of the Report of the Review of Aboriginal Education. The AETS has been designed to focus the work of schools, colleges, regions, TAFE NSW and state office directorates towards achieving the goal that: By 2012, Aboriginal student outcomes will match or better outcomes of the broader student population.

The Aboriginal Education Policy

The Aboriginal Education Policy is concerned with promoting the education and achievements of Aboriginal students and also includes guidelines to educate all students about Aboriginal Australia. This policy provides a comprehensive set of outcomes as well as performance strategies to guide schools and their communities as well as regions and state office in achieving the overall goals for Aboriginal education.

Aboriginal Human Resource Development Plan 2006-2008

The Aboriginal Human Resource Development Plan 2006-2008 (AHRD Plan) has been developed to achieve increased representation, participation and retention of Aboriginal staff in the Department and to ensure quality teaching and learning outcomes for Aboriginal people. Additional selection criteria for all school based and non school based promotion positions within the Department which include specific reference to knowledge of and demonstrated commitment to the implementation of the Department’s Aboriginal education and training policies is one of many suggested strategies in the AHRD Plan. Key Departmental reports, policies and plans designed to support the Department’s goals and priorities for Aboriginal students and Aboriginal employees include the following. Aboriginal Education Policy

Aboriginal Education Review

In partnership with the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc (AECG), the Department conducted a review of Aboriginal Education. The Report of the Review of Aboriginal Education contains comprehensive recommendations to achieve sustainable improvements in education, employment and participation of Aboriginal people.