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Wednesday, November 29

Tranby College - 2007 Courses

Tranby Logo
YEAR 2007/2008

Tranby Aboriginal College is an independent Aboriginal Adult Education Provider, developing and delivering courses designed by Elders and community members for Community Empowerment and Self-Determination. The College is located in Glebe and has been providing courses for Indigenous students for many years. Tranby's courses for 2007 are as follows:

Diploma of National Indigenous Legal Advocacy
Diploma of Development Studies (Aboriginal Communities)
(24 Months)
Diploma of Business (Indigenous Governance)
(12 Months)

Interviews will be held in

For more information please contact Tranby:
13 Mansfield Street
Glebe NSW 2037
Phone: (02) 9660 3444
Fax: (02) 9660 1924
Email: admin@tranby.edu.au
Website: www.tranby.edu.au

Tuesday, November 28

Yabun 2007

Are you celebrating Survival in 2007? then come along n join in the celebrations at Yabun 2007 Festival. Yabun Festival Poster
If you are interested in having a stall with eith food, information, arts and crafts, etc or even to put on an activity for this day, please contact Mita or Tim at Gadigal Information Service in Marrickville for costing info on 9564-5090 or by email .

Thursday, November 23

Some of the Mob Wanting to Know About Blogging n Such

Today we have got some of the mob from Leichhardt Council visiting with us to check out the ins and outs of blogging with the view of starting up their own...... ;>)

Wednesday, November 22

Federal Government Pledge $25 million for United States Studies Centre Located @ University of Sydney

Here is a letter to John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia fromt the Aboriginal Legal Service in WA in response to his annoucement of $25million to establish a United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.
Aboriginal Legal Service (WA) letter

Monday, November 20

Aboriginal Children's Advancement Society

Aboriginal Children's Advancement Society is involved with Reconciliation, Education and Advancement issues and matters for Aboriginal young people for 40 years.
The Society aims to provide opportunities for Aboriginal children to obtain an education which will enable them to advance their way of life and to give them the chance to Learn to Earn.

For more information on the work and structure of Aboriginal Children's Advancement Society click here.

New Alcohol Free Zone Proposal for The Block @ Redfern

The City of Sydney has launched their Draft Street Drinking Strategy to address the impact street drinking can have on individuals and the community and in particular that of Redfern and the Black Theatre mob. The Redfern Alcohol Free Zone includes:
• Eveleigh Street between Lawson and Vine Street
• Louis Street between Caroline and Vine Street
• Vine Street between Eveleigh Street and Abercrombie Street
• Caroline Street between Eveleigh Street and Abercrombie Street
• Holden Street
• Eveleigh Lane between Vine Street and Caroline Street
• Caroline Lane between Eveleigh and Abercrombie Street
• Lawson Street between Gibbons Street and Little Eveleigh Street

The Council have placed on exhibition proposals to establish new Alcohol Free Zones in other suburbs including Pyrmont, King Cross, Newtown, and Surry Hills.

The map showing the proposed Redfern and Chippendale zones can be downloaded from the council website or by clicking here.
You can make a difference. You can lodge your views and opinions on this City of Sydney Alcohol Free Zone by mail, fax or email using the below info. Its that simple easy.Details are:
City of Sydney
GPO Box 1591
Sydney NSW 2001
Fax: 02 9265 9222
Email: council@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au
Submissions must be in writing received no later than Friday 12 January 2007.

Update on The Block in Redfern

This information is being circulated around the traps to provide you with the latest info on whats happening with the redevelopment of the block.

To fellow supporters of Aboriginal housing on The Block ----

The AHC has submitted a proposal to the Dept of Planning entitled Pemulwuy Mixed Use Development, Appl No 06-0101. The details of the plan can be viewed on the Department's website. The proposal includes a development over seven parcels of privately owned land on the East side of Eveleigh St, South of Holden St. The six owners of these parcels have not been formally consulted about the project, and most were unaware of it or had only heard rumours. The result of the plan being approved would be the demolition of their homes and their replacement with a non! viable commercial development.

Since the publication of the plan on the departmental website, the affected owners have agreed on a joint position, and have all sent to the Department the submission printed below.

The Director General,
Department of Planning
PO Box 39 GPO Sydney NSW 2001

Fax 9228 6455

Dear Sir

Re: Pemulwuy Mixed Use Development -- Application No 06-0101, Joint Submission by Residents and Landholders

1. The undersigned are residents and landholders in Eveleigh and Holden Sts Redfern.
2. We support the provision of Aboriginal housing on The Block, and look forward to a thriving community on this iconic Aboriginal land.
3. We support the provision of arts, cultural and sporting facilities on AHC land in the Lawson St precinct, and the adaptive use of the former Murrawina site for Aboriginal community purposes.
4. We believe that commercial development is non-viable and inappropriate except in the Lawson St precinct, due to the abundance of this type of usage to be provided nearby, and to preserve the residential character of the surrounding area.
5. We are part of this community, we enjoy living here and intend to remain. We will continue to be supportive of, and optimistic about, the future of Aboriginal Redfern.
6.We oppose commercial zoning, use and development in the area on which our homes stand.
7. We have not given, and will not give, consent to the lodgement of any Application that would deprive us of our homes and introduce commercial development in their place.


2007 NAIDOC week has been set for 8-15 July with the theme: "50 years: Looking Forward, Looking Blak".

Here is their Media Release:

Celebrating 50 years of NAIDOC: Looking Forward, Looking Blak

Statement by National NAIDOC Week Chairperson, Aden Ridgeway

The National NAIDOC Committee will mark the 50th anniversary of NAIDOC with the deadly theme: 50 years: Looking Forward, Looking Blak.

The creation of the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance
Committee (NAIDOC) has its origins in the fight for Aboriginal rights
that began to gather pace in the 1920s and 1930s. Its precursors were
the Day of Mourning (26 January 1938) and Aboriginal Sunday that was
observed the Sunday before Australia Day starting in 1940. In 1957 a
National Aborigines Day Observance Committee (NADOC) was formed with
support and cooperation from Federal and State governments, the
churches and major Indigenous organisations. Its aim was to promote
Aboriginal Sunday as a day to focus community attention on the nations
Aboriginal people.!

After the 1967 Referendum and the establishment in 1972 of a Federal
Department of Aboriginal Affairs, the national focus on Indigenous
issues increased significantly. In 1974 NADOC became an all-Indigenous
committee, and in 1975 extended the Aboriginal Day to National
Aborigines Week, with celebrations held in July. In 1988 the
committees name was changed to NAIDOCNational Aborigines and Islanders
Day Observance Committeeto acknowledge Torres Strait Islander people.

The 50th anniversary for NAIDOC is a time for us to reflect on how far
we have come as Indigenous Australians and the significant
contribution we have made to shape this nation. Next year also marks
a significant milestone with the 40th anniversary of the 1967

As the theme for NAIDOC Week 2007 states, we need to look forward to
what we want Australia to be in 50 years time and where our people
will be. It is up to! all Australians to put the hard work in to
correct the inequalities still suffered by our people. Like the
origins of NAIDOC itself it needs all of usIndigenous Australians,
governments, and the wider Australian community to improve life
opportunities of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders and
respect for our position and role in the life of the nation.

Symbolically, the National NAIDOC Awards and Ball will take place on
Black Friday (13 July 2007) in Darwin. The national NAIDOC Awards and
Ball will be the high point for NAIDOC Week 2007, with NAIDOC
celebrations being held the week of 8-15 July. Black Friday is ideal
to celebrate the 50th anniversary of NAIDOC and I imagine many
communities will embrace the coincidence of Black Friday in NAIDOC
Week, and will celebrate with creative activities and events around
the country.

I encourage all Australians to join with us to celebrate 50 years of

The National NAIDOC poster competition and nominations for the
National NAIDOC Awards open Monday 29 January, 2007. For more
information visit www.naidoc.org.au