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Thursday, January 13


Learning Styles for Indigenous Students
As you all are most probably aware and I take it that it is a well recorded fact, the Indigenous Peoples of Australia have and predominently still are an "oral" based community. Given this major fact it goes without saying that these people learn differently than the Non-Indigenous peoples. As educators who are developing and implementing educational activites, it is necessary to observe and respect their learning styles to make a difference.
Australian Indigenous learning characteristics have been identified as follows:

* group rather than individual direction and management
* repeated stimulated learning
* uncritical rather than critical approaches
* personal verses impersonal
* listening rather that verbalising
* indirect questioning

Aboriginal Education Research and Curriculum Resources - The NSW Board of Studies has a very useful page called Aboriginal Education Research and Curriculum Resources for those who require additional works relating school aged children.

Aboriginal Programs Unit within DET - The APU's has provided a good Links page on their site mainly to education related topics.

Adult Education and Training for Indigenous People
This case study describes a program supported by community networks which provides individual pathways in education and training for disengaged and at risk youth, indigenous communities. The communities of practice and partnerships seek to break unproductive cycles and bring fulfilment, empowerment and self esteem to participants.
The authors of this paper present a culturally appropriate introduction to adult education and training for Indigenous people. Something I found interesting was the way they harnessed the energy of the community to create learning opportunities. Click here to Download.


HealthInfoNet - This site has an Overview of Indigenous Health section which is broken down into States and Territories, click here for NSW. Click on this link to view the home page of the HealthInfoNet in it's entirety.

Aboriginal Health and Medical Resource Council - The Council's website has a terrific Aboriginal Health Information page which outlines the health status and some issues being experinced in Indigenous communities.

Google Search for Indigenous within NSW Health Dept's Site
A Google search for every document containing the word "Aboriginal" within the NSW Health Department's website. Click here to see!

Human Rights and Social Justice

Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council (AJAC) - This agency provides advice to the NSW Government on law and justice issues affecting Aboriginal people. It is structured into a central council and regional councils based on the ATSIC regions of NSW. The central council identifies issues, provides advice, develops proposals for change and monitors programs in relation to the criminal justice system's impact on Aboriginal people. The Council also has a great Issues and Resources page with sections on Community & Culture; Women; Police, Prisons, Custody; Courts and Tribunals; Juveniles and Children; and International Issues. Just click on each icon to see the listings ok.

NSW Reconciliation Council - The NSW Reconciliation Council is the peak reconciliation body in NSW and works with other agencies, both government and community, to continue the work of the former Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation. The Council has a Resouces and Links page that is great and worth exploring.

Activities in Reconciliation
The activities in this section can be used to explore reconciliation with the community.