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Thursday, March 11

RECONCILIATION - Respect, Knowledge and Understanding

Reconciliation Week plays a significant role in heightening awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues.

This year, Reconciliation Week starts on Wednesday 27 May which is the 1967 Referendum anniversary and finishes on Wednesday June 3 celebrating the High Court’s Mabo decision anniversary.

The theme this year is celebrating the United Nations International Year of Reconciliation which aims to highlight the need to Recognise, Respect and Protect the Rights of Indigenous People as an essential part of the reconciliation process.

Reconciliation is a comprehensive. The core of it is about addressing the divisions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians – some say its about divisions that have been caused by a lack of respect, knowledge and understanding.

It's about "recognising the truth of Australia’s history, and moving forward together with a commitment to social justice, and building relationships based on mutual understanding, respect and trust. Social justice for Indigenous Australians must include: recognition of the distinct rights of Indigenous Australians as the first peoples of this nation, including the right to self determination; reparations for past injustices, elimination of racism and discrimination, and closing the gaps in health, social and economic outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians".
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