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Thursday, September 28


This site has some amazing info on it and it contains slightly revised text of the book published by Wyong Shire Council in 1988 about the History of a New South Wales Timber Town to 1930 by BC Jones & AC Eyers.

So little was the Aborigines' culture understood by the first several generations of Europeans in New South Wales that the lifestyle of the indigents was soon completely upset, the great majority of those who survived becoming wholly dependent on reservations and handouts [Haigh C, ‘Ignorance, Alcohol, God-and Good Intentions’ in Haigh and Goldstein (eds) The Aborigines of NSW (NSW Government National Parks and Wildlife Service, undated), a reprint from 11 Parks and Wildlife (5)].

Very often men were ruthlessly slaughtered when they reacted to the provocation of the stealing of their land or violence to their women [Forestry Commission of NSW Red Cedar (pamphlet 1979); Vinnicombe P, Predilection and Prediction; a study of Aboriginal Sites in the Gosford-Wyong Region (a report to the NSW Government National Parks and Wildlife Service, 1980) at IV:21].

It is likely that many were gunned

Check it out:
Pre History
Invasion to 1840s

Burarra Gathering - Sharing Indigenous Knowledge

This website gives a sense of the people, land, language and traditional technologies and knowledge of the Burarra people of Arnhem Land, in Australia's Northern Territory.

You can take a virtual trip to the land of the Burarra people, and be guided by Danaja, a young Burarra man, and his grandfather, Wala Wala. Click here for more.

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Photo Story is a free program that allows you to produce a stunning multimedia presentation in just a few steps using digital photos.
It can be used to produce a range things from a day at the beach or the koori footy knockout, your holidays, that fabulous party, family get togethers to spectacular and impressive workshopand conference presentations. This great program makes it extremely simple to operate and create photo shows with the use of digital images, entered text, music, recorded voice and animation.

Features include:
Narrate one or more of your pictures to tell family and friends about the memorable event;
Add panning and zooming effects to emphasize specific areas of a picture;
Add a title and credits, just like in a movie;
Pick background music for your story;
Share via e-mail, on the Web, or on Video CDs that play back in most home DVD players!; and
Re-edit your saved projects by adding new chapters to family histories, events, and more.

Here is a great beginners tool if you want to have a go and learn Photostory quickly. This resource has been put together by
Tradies On Line Edna Group. To access this great resource Click Here.

Wednesday, September 20

Barani - Sydney's Indigenous history

Barani is an interactive, searchable resource which links you to a thematic introduction to Sydney's Indigenous history; biographies; useful contacts; and references to books, films, images and websites about Sydney's Indigenous history, from earliest pre-contact traces to most recent events.

Worthwhile checking out folks. Click Here