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Tuesday, July 3

Aboriginal Child Abuse - Proposed Reform Posting V

A recent address by Jeff Mullen to the Australian Catholic College concerning what more and more Aboriginal people and their supporters are calling 'John Howard and the Liberal Party's guise to Aboriginal land grabbing for their uranium waste dumps'...

The Children of the Sunrise

As my television program ended one night and the debate on the future of Aboriginal Australians was moving to another phase of tension and uncertainty, Patrick Dodson leant across the panel desk and said in a quiet, measured tone to Mal Brough :

“Minister, it is not fundamentally about policy it is about how you value Aboriginal people as human beings.”

The Minister for Indigenous Affairs continued our discussion as he walked off the ABC set. He was emotional and frustrated that he was not making enough progress around the country. Yet he was determined, he said, to do all he could to stop the collapse of Aboriginal family life.
Address Jeff McMullen to Australian Catholic University Sydney on Monday 25th June 2007.