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Thursday, May 6

Renowned Aboriginal Activist, Michael Anderson's Slams the National Congress of Australia's First Peoples as the “Joke of the New Millennium”

Aboriginal political activist, Michael Anderson, says the Rudd government’s attempt to pacify the Aboriginal people by establishing the Aboriginal Congress of First Nations is an absolute joke and a waste of public $30 million of public funds.

“When the acronym ATSIC was touted by the Aboriginal people as ‘Aborigines talking shit in Canberra’, this as a replacement is sickening and the waste that people spoke of with ATSIC pales into significance when we look at this organization,” Mr Anderson writes in a media release.

“Do the Prime Minister and his Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Jenny Macklin, truly think that we Aborigines are childlike and cannot see the insult being waged against us with the establishment of such an irrelevant organization, and then to say that they represent Aborigines when NO public elections are being held for its membership?”

Mr Anderson argues that if you look at the structure of this body it is a job creation program for broken down and irrelevant former public servants who want to be leaders of the Aboriginal populace.

“Aboriginal people must take a stand against this mockery,” says Mr Anderson and calls on them throughout Australia “to stand up to this assault on our intelligence and refuse to have anything to do with this organization; and make it known loud and wide that this is not an organization that represents anything to do with Aboriginal people.”

The Aborigines named in this organization are people who would sell their own mother and all her heirlooms, Mr Anderson writes. “What chance do we have?”

“What Sam Jefferies, the deputy chair of the Congress, says about closing the gap of Aboriginal disadvantage is a joke,” Mr Anderson says.

“He fails to realise the bigger picture which is that our people are being discriminated against with martial law imposed on Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory in the guise of an intervention program.

“The incarceration rates of Aboriginal youth and adults are the highest in Australia, making our population in the prisons the highest in a country that is supposed to be free.
“Our section of the community continues to have the highest suicide rate in the Australia population etc etc,” Mr Anderson notes.

“To fight the establishment over these disproportionate figures and at the same time represent these people, take on the government and to fight against the intervention on behalf of the people of the Northern Territory is the task Sam Jefferies should be talking about instead of dreaming of dollar signs and being a friend of the multi-nationals and then maybe an Australian award for his contribution in Aboriginal Affairs.

“This is a farce and should be called what it is: the joke of the 21st new millennium,” Mr Anderson writes.

“Prime Minister Kevin Rudd needs to reassess his options because $30 million for this charade is a total waste and Aboriginal people will hound this puppet organization of the Labor government and the multinationals,” he says.

“The people who accept a position within this organization cannot be so blind as not to see that they are being used. The government seek to pass the buck when it comes to direct consultations with Aboriginal people on these imposed restrictions and rules of tyranny being applied to our people, not to mention the approvals the multi-nationals need to forcefully acquire Aboriginal lands for mining, so what better way than to locate some misfit and ambitious want-to-be-Aborigines.”

Goodooga, Northwest NSW, AUSTRALIA - 5 May 2010

Michael Anderson can be contacted at 02 68296355 landline, 04272 92 492 mobile, 02 68296375 fax, ngurampaa@bigpond.com.au.