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Wednesday, February 11

Finding Common Ground

This ABC site examines the issues surrounding the draft document for Reconciliation which was released for nationwide discussion On June 2, 1999.
The information rich page links to a National Indigenous Calendar, arts, events, health, recipes and an to excellent online Indigenous Language Area Map. You can add your own recipes or events as the page is dynamic.

Tuesday, February 10

Hello from us here @ Ultimo TAFE

Ultimo TAFE
Hi folks I am here with John Ake from Paddington looking at NSW TAFE Outreach network of blogs and how easy it is to have a presence on the web in my office at Ultimo TAFE in the central business area of Sydney..

Basicially our hub is made up of the front webpage and a network of blogs throughout NSW with all of the Outreach staff across the state. This hub was made with funding from NSW Learnscope under the Australian Flexible Learning framework.

If you think you may want to put in for funding you must be an RTO and for other criteria info please click on this link ok.