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Friday, July 1


NSW Records Office - These links are an Administrative History of Contact between the Government of New South Wales and Aboriginal people compiled from the State Records of NSW.
It includes sections on:-
* From first contact at Myall Creek
* The Myall Creek Massacre and Protection
* The Aborigines Protection Board
* The Policy of Control and Removal of Children
* Inquiries, Agitation and a Welfare Board
* After the Aborigines Protection Board

Chronology of Significant Events
This chronology by the NSW Records Office gives an overview of significant events which have happened in Australia since 1788, concentrating on the relations between Aboriginal people and the post-1788 immigrants. Some other events are shown in order to give an historical context. Some of these events generated many records whereas other records are the result of legislative changes. Please note that all institutions and legislation are from New South Wales, unless otherwise noted.