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Sunday, April 12

Aboriginal Culture and History Calendar

Mer in the Torres Strait.
"When you look at the events which are significant to Aboriginal people you'll notice that their recent history is one of a fight for rights, land and recognition. It is also a history of sadness, loss and denial."

Twelve Canoes

The Yolngu people of Ramingining in the Northern territory now have a cyber presence sharing their art, music, people and place.
"The 12 Canoes site gives the world access to an immersive and engaging view to celebrate the culture, art and history of one of world’s the oldest existing people -the Yolngu - whose homeland is the town of Ramingining and the Arafura Swamp of north-central Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.
The main sections of the website, designed and built by Wanted Digital, is built around twelve filmed “visual poems” describing and illustrating many aspects of Yolngu history, life and culture from Creation, Our Ancestors, The Macassans, First White Men, Thomson Time, The Swamp, Plants and Animals, and Seasons, to Kinship, Ceremony, Language, and the community’s contemporary life in Nowadays.
Other features also include artwork galleries, music, language and common terms, and photographs that capture life in the region."
Thanks to Mark from Ultimo TAFE for passing on this info too ok.